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    * Ingame name :  firefighter
    * Forename : Ibrahim
    * Age :42
    * Location Dubai UAE
    * Why do you want to join the Administration Team? I m play only and one online game which is COD  TDM long years , I enjoy to play D43 and have good relations with players , I don’t want cheaters ruin game and server reputation although I received always help when I call an admin.
    * What do you think you can contribute?I don’t think that my profession is relevant to contribute but anything if I need to do so.
    * Have you been in other clans before? yes but just player at ES9

    To get accepted you should
    – be at least 18 years or older : I am 42 years old
    – be active on our Discord channel ( min. level 5, join: )  :just started
    – having decent english skills would be nice :): I can speak write and read English and some more languages as well
    – be around for a while before applying!