• Koaja replied to the topic Hey admins in the forum General 2 years, 8 months ago

    Its fullish (20+ players) every night.

    We allow camping but try to mitigate it with the campometer as much as possible (Its allowed and wont warn people for it, but if they get moved to spec for it then we feel thats enough.
    All of the regulars still play there, Miez, Steel, Jessica and many others play on a daily, I havent seen a decline in their activity the past few weeks.

    We are attempting things in the background which may not be apparent to you guys straight away. We have noticed a decline in players we wont deny that but thats just how COD4 is really.


    Finally, thank you for enjoying our severs and we appreciate your feedback 😀 Also welcome to the forums haha

    Have a good weekend