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    Thanks and good luck with that!
    Looking forward to see how players will react.

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    Oh, did not know that, sorry for repeating the topic.

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    Hi gents.

    I was thinking something. I know of a server that lets online players vote for each next map. The good side is that people play what they want and it’s kind of interesting. The server I am referring to is empty all the time but here is the IP:

    Maybe you guys can do the mod on SnD server? At least for a test p…[Read more]

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  • @neo123 I was not trying to provoke anything. It’s just my sense of humor and nothing else. I see it is misunderstood and I apologized for it. The mute did not come after a warning, the chat I had with Paprique in non-English was not seen by anyone else in game including the admins. But never mind anymore. Thanks for the response.

  • [quote quote=72157]Stop causing drama over an 8 minute mute Vlad, need I remind I have come to help you when you have needed it, a little bit of respect back to the other admins would be nice.[/quote]

    No need to remind me @Koaja, as I said I honestly respect all the admins as most of the time they do a great job. Otherwise I would not be on D43…[Read more]

  • [quote quote=72155]@madvlad quit making a big deal out of it. You were muted for 8 minutes, get over it and stick to the rules. Doesn’t look like you always are when I’m seeing Remys post.

    Can any admin please quote the rule I broke ???

    Sure, #1 Be friendly. If we think you are out of line you can get muted for that – simple as that.[/quote]

    OK [Read more]

  • Thank you for the reply Remy. I was expecting nothing less than this from you 🙂 but you are missing the topic here. Buy the way, the chatlog you attached is showing a team chat between Paprique and me while we were dead and the rest of the team was playing. Also Paprique was not warned/kicked, right?

    [quote quote=72153]If he did this, then there…[Read more]

  • First thank you for the response U.F.O. and Mimimimi.

    Eight years ago I had a COD4 server and was admin for almost two years. All the players are free to enjoy the game while admins take care of everything to make it possible. I know how difficult it can be and easy to make a wrong decision, that is why I have huge respect for admin work…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    First of all let me express my respect for keeping up one of the best COD4 servers of today. Most of you probably know I play often – getting back on the track of fame slowly but surely 😀

    One of the reasons I have a huge respect for D43 is the fairness shown by the admins. Most of the admins put a great effort to keep the server clean…[Read more]

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