• #TITANIUM started the topic application for membership in the forum Join us! 2 years, 7 months ago

    * Ingame name = #TITANIUM#
    * Forename= sediq
    * Age=21
    * Location=qandahar,AFGHANISTAN
    * Why do you want to join the Administration Team? cause i wanna help the clan by making sure that the servers are clean of toxic people and hackers
    * What do you think you can contribute? i can come handy at photoshop work like making skins for guns and logos for clan and server
    * Have you been in other clans before? yes, XTREME-KILLERZ

    To get accepted you should
    – be at least 18 years or older= i am over 18
    – be active on our Discord channel ( min. level 5, join: )

    i am level 7 in discor
    – having decent english skills would be nice :)= yeah i can speak english quite good and other few languages too
    – be around for a while before applying!