• U.F.O. replied to the topic Breaking the unknown rule?!? in the forum Complaints & Reports 3 years, 3 months ago

    They all laugh with that mute …..tell the truth, and i dont like people to play the innocent and they already know that  they behave like smart ass.

    For the fact, i have use my bind many time to say to all(English only because some people talk them languange and didnt want to mute them for that just to stop talking in them languange and you funny player you ask if we speak english or american? Is disrespect. From now on dont join again and say hello bitches or fuckers you will be mute again for insult.You are offend admin try to do his job and you came here to ask to apologise to you???

    Im not apology to smart ass and be polite when you play on our servers, you now the rules .