Rules to follow on our servers

#1 Be friendly :)

Do not insult other players or admins. You will get warned for violations.

No repeated insulting or flaming. No spamming the ingame chat. No Advertising.

Our warning system works as follows:

After the second warn a player gets kicked automatically. At the fourth warning a 15 minute tempban is issued. Additional warnings ban for 60 minutes, 1 day, 3 days and after 8 warnings the player gets banned permanently


#2 English only

The main server language is english. If you are asked to -> stick to it.


#3 Using any kind of hacks results in a permanent ban

This includes but is not limited to

Wallhacks / Chams Aim Assist / Aim Bots
ESP Fullbright
Permanent or external uav No recoil
Nametags Laser



#4 Elevating or glitching out of map / under the floor is not allowed

Do not move out of map. Do not move underground. No Elevating! Bouncing is allowed.


#5 The following Perks are automatically disabled on our servers

Juggernauth, Martyrdom, Last Stand, Grenade Launcher, 3x Frags